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Playing contact and collision sport such as football volleyball or any play team sport, it is hard to avoid getting sports injuries. They are many types of them , the right way of first aid is a key to help doctor for a faster treatment. Common sports injuries are divided as below

Sprains: an injury to a ligament caused by too much stretching, sudden force or a sharp twist. Symptoms include pain, swelling around the injured area, and being unable to fully move the joint. Early stages of treatment involve resting the injured or sore area. Apply a cold pack immediately or within 24 hours, and wrap it with an elastic bandage. To reduce swelling and promote healing, elevate the injured or sore area on pillows. After 72 hours, place the heat pack on top of the injured area.

Dislocationit happens when bone slips from its position due to a traumatic pulling such as a broken bone's side effect, a torn muscle or fibrosis. As soon as the injury the dislocated parts should not be moved, a cast or a compression bandage may be required.  Apply cold pack immediately or within 24 hours. Elevate and support the injured area above the level of the heart.  After 72 hours, use a heating pad to relax injured area.

Bruise : which is caused by a bump or fall when the blood vessels lying under the skin are damaged, leading to internal bleeding into the surrounding tissue and causing skin discoloration. Apply an ice pack as soon as the injury occurs. Do not touch or massage your bruised .After 24 hours you can apply a hot pad or massage the area, in order to make blood reabsorbed by the body.

Muscle cramp : an involuntary contraction of the muscle that does not relax before exercising. Other factors such as cold weather, rain and moisture can also cause painful contractions of a muscle. Warm-up and stretch before working out can help prevent the cramp. You can apply a heating pad to your sore muscles and gently massage to increase blood flow and relax the muscle. If the cramp is present in the calf muscle, straighten your leg and lift your foot upwards, bending it at the ankle, this can help stretch the muscle.

Muscle strain : it can be referred as a muscle tear occurring as a result of overstretching, It is usually painful with a loss of muscle function. In the first stage you can see a dent in skin according to its shrink do not touch that area.For Initial treatment is resting the muscle; ice the area for the first 24 hours, the ice will decrease the internal bleeding and lightly wrap or put a band-aid on the injured area.

Broken bone : taking emergency medical care immediately, ensure that the wound is clean especially when the fractured bone has pushed through their skin and stop any bleeding

Sport injuries can happen anytime however good preparation can help such as having a small meal or some fruits in half an hour before working out can keep you stay energized. Drinking a glass of water before exercise or taking a sip when you feel thirsty . A light physical activity such as walking 2-3 minutes can also help prevent injuries during exercise. 

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