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Stress and high blood pressure: What's the connection?

high blood pressure

Many people doubt that how stress can link to high blood pressure. Why granny’s blood pressure starts to raise up after having a stress. Why dad overthinks about his job then urgently be sent to a hospital. Here we will see that ... how pressure links to stress.

Stress affects the blood pressure system ...

When we are being stressed, the body produces cortisol and adrenaline .Which causes more heartbeat acceleration, blood pumping and the artery wall shrinks, lastly having high blood pressure during stress. In a case of having heart disease or cerebrovascular disorders accordingly, that even increase more acceleration in blood pumping. However, more acceleration is more symptoms of the disease to aggravate and affect the body. In conclusion, when we lost tension the pressure is reduced. On the other hand do we know that stress not only causes the body high blood pressure but also many diseases such as migraines, stroke, back pain or even suicide. Therefore, we must know how to deal and manage that stress. In order not affect the body and impact a lifestyle.

No stress……… no diseases.


"Sports is a miracle drug."    Certainly! exercising or playing sports, can make  the body strong and firm,  also it is a way to relax. Accordingly, while we exercise the body secretes endorphine and dopamine, also known as the substance of happiness, thoughts which make us stress will be reduced.

Drink Camomile FlowerTea

When we are stressed we have more difficulty in sleep or secretly awake, while sleeping helps us regain  energy. Including the brain and body get to rest and tension during the day will be loosen down. In a case of the elderly if they are unable to sleep. Provide them to drink camomile flowertea before bedtime. The apigenin in chamomile has the ability to provide your feeling in calm, relieve anxiety finally have a healthy sleep.


Optimism can be difficult in many people, because in our head we still have a stress think about things around which we are not happy. If we have a consciousness please always know that all problems always can be solved. Look back to yourself ... find what is the cause of your stress, how we can change the depressive thought to positive. Find happiness by looking around yourself. More optimistic is more stress can be relieved.

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