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A child disappointment can affect emotion and mental state, basing on mental strength individually. Accordingly, parents should understand ... and counsel them to deal with each problem that affects their mind.


1.   In small children, they still have no ability to recognize or notice how their emotions go at the moment.  And end up crying, being aggressive, and moody as an expression after feeling disappointed. 

   Firstly, parents need to know when children are in a bad mood, then wait for a silent time to share what you see in them as a reflection. Such as telling they are having sad, or aggressive feeling, bring up what cause those emotions so that the children will understand their own feelings from your explanation. Accordingly, parents must speak directly to children and raise more self-awareness. And let them know that talking to parents relieves a stress when they go upset.  This will help them dealing with their emotions more easily.

2. Keeping your child calm by letting them live or stay in the environment that does not stimulate more intense feeling in about 10 to 15 minutes to help children learn their emotions and feel more relaxed. Being able to experience and cope with times of disappointment. After giving them the time, talk about the cause of disappointment to find solutions.

3.    Explore the feelings and effects that occur in children, what the impact of children are, let them see from their own perspectives. And what the children learn from this disappointment, including finding what the cause of this disappointment really is. Whether a cause comes from themselves, people, environment or not. For example,  children not reading books or doing homework, cause them to have a less score on the exam. This describes as when not doing something for a goal can create a bad impact on them. Consequently, children can interpret through a problem. And eventually, change themselves.

4. Reducing a high expectations or goals in children when it is hard for their abilities to achieve; Parents always know what the children can do, talking to children about other potentials and things they can achieve is required.  In order to encourage them to set a new goal which you can challenge them.

5. Let your child speak their thoughts more; parents should ask their children to comment on things for their own directions. This is a great way to improve critical thinking skills and decision-making.

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