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For men, no matter what your ages are, a care for “The prostate gland” is important as it works like sperm factory. If there are some disorders occur, that can affect your whole  life.

What is Benign prostatic hypertrophy?

Before talking about its symptoms we need to understand what Benign prostatic hypertrophy; BPH is. The BPH is a condition of abnormal prostate gland enlargement which may affect the  urinary system, which mostly happens to men aged over 50. In fact, aging and the symptoms including severity will be increased at the same time.

What are symptoms?  

In general, the disorder symptoms are often associated with urinary system divided into 2 groups. There are Obstructive symptoms such as ,Urinary Retension, Intermittent urine flow which  patients may take long time to excrete the urine. However, the second group is Irritative Symptom meaning a nuisance of everyday life like frequent urination that forces you to go to bathroom more than 2 or 3 times at night will happen. Some may feel frustrated from not being sure whether the excretion is finished or not and certain of them may have severe urinary incontinence as well.

Hematuria or BPH

For some elders who have blood urination. This may not be a sign of Benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH as that is not a main symptom of this disease. Instead, that could be prostate tumors or inflammation including urine obstruction or prostate swelling. Therefore,  hematuria or blood urination does not count as one of BPH symptoms. The best way to make sure about the condition is to go see a doctor for proper diagnosis.

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