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Norovirus in children


Norovirus is a diarrhea infection caused by the virus called "Norovirus" According to a disease, Norovirus gastroenteritis is the main cause of non-bacterial outbreaks around 250 million people infected by the virus on the other hand 200,000 people die each year.

The spread usually occurs in places where people live together, such as schools, nurseries, nursing homes, cruises or military camps. Including in young children, elderly or those with low immunity. The infection easily contacted from one person to others or by food and water intake. However, symptoms often manifest within 18-72 hours.

How does Norovirus infection manifest?

 After infected by Novovirus within 24-28 hours; These following symptoms will occur: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and watery diarrhea. Some patients may have headaches, body pain, fatigue. Including low fever at  38-39 degrees Celsius.Symptoms usually healed in 48-72 hours after being infected. In conclusion, children, elderly, and people with chronic diseases or low immunity may have severe reactions.

    Major symptoms

        • Severe nausea and vomiting.
        • Watery diarrhea
        • stomachache
        • Headache
        • Fatiuge
        • Low fever; Some people may have a fever at 38-39 degrees Celsius.


Diagnosis based on symptoms of patients. At the same time, stool samples will be applied to laboratory tests (Special laboratory tests, not germiculture) However, this process cannot be made in every hospital.


  Currently, the treatment of norovirus is not specific for a case. According to a reason,  palliative care will be provided to patients instead. For example, replacement fluid providing, which symptoms can get better within 3-4 days. However, for mild cases, oral rehydration salt(ORS) will be given. Lastly, having a vomit and diarrhea, soft, antiemetic and antispasmodic will be provided according to symptoms. 

    In case of having severe water deficiency including vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea may cause shock, hypotension and eventually lead to death to patients. Accordingly, they need to be sent to a hospital. And receive sodium chloride solution for intravenous including being monitored closely especially in young children, elderly or people with chronic diseases. Which is necessary to provide a  special care.

10 Ways to Prevent Norovirus in Diarrhea 

Paying attention to hygiene, "having hot food, using a served spoon and washing hand"  help reducing the risk of infection including following directions.

1. Frequently wash your hands with soap and water in every 20 seconds (Do not apply alcohol hand gel due to Norovirus is a group of Non-Enveloped Virus containing highly acid resistant to alcohols.

2. Wash your hands after using the bathroom or changing diapers.

3.Avoid consuming water or food that is not clean. Due to the virus can live in water for a long time. 

4. Clean vegetables and fruits before eating regularly.

5. Make your food cooked before intake. 

6. Clean vomit and stool carefully by using a damp cloth not to spread the infection. Then put them in a plastic bag and tie t holder parts firmly.  

7. Kill the virus in the contaminated area with chlorine solution.

8. Patients should avoid cooking in order to prevent spreading the infection to others.

9.  Infected children should refrain from going to school to prevent the spread.

10. Avoid traveling until symptom or feeling are better.

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