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Small Children and Snoring

Small Children and Snoring

Weird noise during a sleep might occur and cause parents wonder what is the core of symptom. If you find them having the noise over 3 nights a week and perhaps the breathing might be stopped along with bedwetting. However, what the parents should know is that this could be a sign of snoring symptom.

Causes of Snoring in Children

  1. Obesity in children: Ingested starch and fat accumulated in the respiratory tube.
  2. The enlargement of Tonsils and Adenoid Hypertrophy found while the children are having a cold.
  3. Chronic rhinitis: the nasal inner lining swells up and blocks the airways.
  4. Brain and muscle disorders which do not work well casing impact on the respiratory system.
  5. Facial abnormalities such as short chin.

In principle, snoring in small children are divided in two types: Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Obstructive Sleep Apnea causing oxygen and carbon dioxide obstructed in the blood result in bad quality of sleep. Apart from that the stenosis of nose, throat, root of tongue or larynx could be one of the causes.

Diagnosing The Symptoms of Snoring in Children.

At first, a doctor will provide 18 questions to access the severity of symptom by Radiography to see the size of Adenoid Hypertrophy if it grows lager or not including checking its structure of skull to see Oxygen level while sleep or make sleep test. This method is a standard but price is quite high.


1. Surgery: This is the most effective treatment especially for patients with obstructive Obstructive Sleep Apnea which is caused by the tonsil and Adenoid Hypertrophy

2. Drug use

  • Nasal spray that helps treat those who are unable to receive the surgery or those who still have obstructive sleep apnea with mild level.
  • Using Montelukast in those who have mild symptoms.

3. Apply Continuous Positive Airway pressure for those having obstructive sleep apnea after the operation. Patients might have obesity , muscular disorder or abnormal facial shape as well as those who reject the surgery and unable to receive it. Other treatments such as providing oxygen during the sleep or oral appliance and rapid maxillary expansion maxillary expansion

Parents must always observe the symptoms if the abnormality is found late may lead the kids to long-term problems with their behaviour for example, having ADHD,diabete,hyperlipidemia and delayed development . The best solution is receiving a proper diagnosis as soon as you feel like there is some abnormalities happens to the child.


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