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Breast Self-Exam for more possibility of cure in “Breast Cancer”

Before you take a test or mammograms offered by a doctor, a proper Breast Self-Exam is necessary. As soon as a patient finds the unusual thing happen, the chance to get rid of cancer will reach closer to a success. 

When we should have Breast Self-Exam?

  1. Every month
  2. 7-10 days after menstruation counting from the first day of period
  3. Same day in every month, in case of menopause

How do we check our breast?

  1.  Stand in front of mirror, observe the breasts; size, shape, skin tone, position, nipples and compares to the month before.
  2.  Put your hand above your head, slowly turn around, reobserve the nipples and the side of your breasts
  3.  Hands on the hips, the elbows turned outwards, slightly bent your body to the front, see the changes.
  4.  Use your hand to gently squeeze the nipples to see if there are any bleeding ,pus or  liquid.
  5.  Grope your breast form collarbone area, use your left hand touch the right breast. And the index, the middle and the ring fingers lightly press on the skin and gradually press harder until your fingers can feel the rib. Roll it all around your breast. The important thing is to grope until reach the armpit area. Then change the side, do it in the same way.
  6.  After finish rolling in standing position, feel and roll the breast in lying on side, use pillow to underlay, then do the rolling as step 5. 

Need to see a doctor when the following sign are happened .....

  1.  Lump or thickening (breast, underarm)
  2.  Red color appears on skin, or feeling hotter
  3. Extend of pore, similar as orange skin
  4. Shrinking skin
  5. Swelling skin
  6. More pain
  7. Have some rashes on breast area.
  8. Dent of nipples
  9. Abnormal nipple direction
  10. Bleeding from nipple
  11. Chronic lesion on the breast area

For more information, please contact;
Breast Care Center
Building A, 1st Floor, Phyathai 2 hospital
Tel: +662-617-2444 ext. 4125

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