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Colonoscopy: Efficent Detection & Fast Recovery

Although "colon cancer" is the third most common cancer happened in Thailand, the death can be reduced by “early detection”. According to modern technology and its safety, GI endoscopy and endoscopy can change the image of this disease to something that we do not need to feel fear about it.

What is Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is an effective way to evaluate problems and disorders in the colon using colonoscopy. A process comprises of small flexible tube set with a camera and light at the end to present clear images during operation. Moreover, this allows the doctor to see internal pathology clearly as well as providing treatment to patients in different areas precisely.  

The Benefits of Colonoscopy

  • To find the cause and treat the bleeding
  • To find the cause of disorders from feces/stool such as chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, blood in stool, flatulence, polyp, pale and fatigue.
  • To detect colorectal cancer and treat non-cancerous tumors (polyps) that grow in the colon wall.

Preparation Stage

  • 2 days before procedure, patients must abstain from food that contains fiber including fruits and vegetables.
  • Take prescribed medication to support bowel movements.
  • Prepare details about your history of drug allergy, chronic disease, chemical exposure, medicine including history of treatment and surgery.

Study the Colonoscopy’s procedure

For the colonoscopy, the doctor will provide injection to make the patient feel relaxed and sleep. After that, the camera will go into the anus and gradually move into the colon and rectum.

Upper GI endoscopy needs to be provided to the esophagus, stomach and duodenum. The doctor will spray the anesthetic to the neck while patient needs to lie on the side to let the doctor insert the camera to the mouth. However, for gastrointestinal endoscopy, it help assessing dysphagia symptom, abdominal pain, bleeding in the abdominal cavity as well as gastric ulcer.

When the patients leave the examination room, they require 2 hours to rest until sleeping pills become ineffective. Moreover, after the procedure, patient may have abdominal discomfort or anal pain so they need to avoid driving. As mentioned, while meeting the doctor according to appointment, they need to bring relative or family with them as well. Lastly, if symptoms such as blood in stool or severe abdominal pain are found, meeting the doctor before the appointment should be done immediately.

As "cancer" is a serious disease when you can notice it in early stages, it means that the symptoms then can be cured. The colonoscopy is a way to help doctor see the whole clear picture of the problem happened to the colon clearly. Therefore, If any abnormality occurs, you should go see the doctor in order to be diagnosed for the cause and doctors can plan for further treatment alternatives.

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