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“Starting health prevention before diseases come to you” this conception is absolutely correct, but how you can be so sure that this idea could apply to young children as their healths and physical development in each age might not be fully completed. Accordingly, Bright future health child program could be your solution as we strongly believe that health promotion in young children is vital, which can leads them to a bright future.

The beginning of Bright Future Project

Pediatrician and the medical director of Phyathai Nawamin Hospital, Dr.Sawanan Wacharavanich said that, since January 1st 2017, all children who have been born at Phyathai Nawamin Hospital will automatically experience the project. This program aims to improve and provide good health in children. As mentioned, the Pediatric Team has adopted the method and procedure of Bright Future from the United States to the children as well as to blend it with the guidelines of the Royal College Pediatricians of Thailand, include the care of children in a country.

Basic health assessment by Expert Team.

When the children are admitted to the program, they have to receive the health assessment such as height, weight, eating habit, sleeping, developmental habits, and parenting. The professional nurses who have been trained in this course will provide a doctor these basic information. The doctor then will examine and ask further questions to make the diagnosis clearer and faster.

Get more deeply information to close the gap

There are also additional examinations such as autism screening, eye examination, dental examination, assessment of developmental areas and blood tests to diagnose anemia. Moreover,the problems like pale derived from iron deficiency. The doctor then will decide whether it is necessary to give a supplement or simply adjust them a diet. However, in case if a child has delayed development includes a risk of autism, care by specialized pediatrician is required. The doctor later will continue giving patients accurate diagnosis and treatment that directly fix a cause of symptoms.

Not only “Children” but also “Parents” we care

Bright Future Bright Future program does not only provide special care to kids but mothers are also included, for example, health checkup, postpartum depression screening in order to get them ready for parenting as well as giving them advice and problem solving by grouping exchange and individual counseling.

Last but not least

The medical director of Phyathai Nawamin Hospital added "On behalf of doctors, I am certain that we do not want to lost the opportunity to take care of children, so that they can grow up with good health. Detection and abnormalities screening by us or parents, in case of them knowing or having knowledge of observation such as autism, hearing impairment, vision problem as well as emotional disorders, that can help parents themselves find the abnormality fast, and fast treatment will also be given to the kids by doctors, which the children will have a lot of chances to be cured. Therefore, parents or caregivers who are close to the child should have the correct knowledge and always observe such symptoms, please do not wait until the doctors appoint you or do not overlook until your children enter to a school and these abnormalities end up being seen by teachers or friends, which it may be too late to solve problems. Lastly, just so you know that our Bright Future project symbolizes you our concern for those parents who would like to raise their children with good health and quality of living and growing "


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