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"Headache" can occur to everyone. Some people periodically have the pain while another has to suffer more than 1 day or year which is known as “Chronic Headache”

Why we have a headache?

Usually, headache is found in people commonly. Some of us may have a little pain while another may have severe pain. The cause from different types of headache is various, whether it comes from tension, migraines, or disorders inside the body such as brain tumors, aortic aneurysm, inflamed nasal cavity and eye disorder. Accordingly, all contains severity distinction.

What is a cause of chronic headache?

Actually, chronic headache is a symptom by which the pain continues over 15 days each month or 3 months for maximum. It could be a common headache caused by migraine, stress or improper medicine. However, it then will eventually lead to chronic pain as well as other serious diseases.

Harmless Symptoms from Chronic headache

It is a headache caused by migraine, stress, thinking, sitting, insufficient light or muscle tension. You might have nausea and vomiting. Although such symptoms cannot be cured, we all can still avoid getting close to triggers and relieve the pain.

Dangerous Sign from Chronic Headache

It is symptom of the most severe headache that ever happens to your life which mostly appears along with some disorders of nervous system for example motor weakness, blurred vision, binocular diplopia correction, hearing loss, convulsions, unstable walk, stiff neck, and acute headache.

Warning Signs of Dangerous Headache

  1. Headache which suddenly happens.

  2. Headache with fever and stiff neck.

  3. Headache with neurological disorders such as motor weakness, facial palsy and unstable walk etc.

  4. Headache which happens to cancer patients or HIV patients.

  5. Pain from headache gradually increase intensively and does not respond to treatment.

Can Chronic Headaches be Treated?

Chronic headache treatment is divided according to severity. Basically a doctor will criticise through patient's history after detecting the symptom by screening physical condition including nerve system. However, when there are nothing harm to patients, pain killer then will be provided to relax the muscle as well as reduce stress along with suggestion on how to get away from some triggers.

In case of having some abnormalities, there will be additional examination which include blood test, X-ray examination through the skull to detect a sinusitis inside the nasal cavity as well as MRI for more effective resolution.

MRI Diagnosis

MRI is an innovative detection using electromagnetic waves which is safe and harmless to the body. Mostly it is often used to diagnose brain tumors in particular as the tumors inside the brain and skull including brainstem and cerebellum. The MRI can apply in diagnosing of many disorders for instance encephalitis and demyelinating in order to utilize a resulting of them in next-step treatment procedure.

Symptoms that require MRI Screening

  1. Having headaches as well as motor weakness in one side of the legs. Moreover, manner change is also included.

  2. Having frequent seizures or loss of consciousness as well as memory, confusion, nausea and vomiting.

  3. Feeling dizzy like having vertigo or balance disorder

  4. Having facial palsy, dropped eyelid or stiff tongue.

According to headache, it can occur to everyone. If you notice any abnormality, please immediately seek for medical advice whereas that may be warning signs of some hidden serious diseases in your body.

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