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“Abnormal Menstruation” another risk factor of “Fertility”

“Abnormal Menstruation” another risk factor of “Fertility”

You have been married for many years but may wonder why still does not get pregnant along with abnormal menstruation. In fact, many couple may not realize that the abnormal menstruation could be a trigger of this situation.

Sign of Abnormal Menstruation

Normally, woman's body has ovulation within every 28 days which menstruation comes within 21 or 35 days or we can say the menstruation will happen in every 23 to 35 days. As long as it is seemed to remain normal this way, there is no abnormal sign to be concerned. On the other hand, if the menstruation time keeps delaying until 30-40 days, 2 months or in certain people may have it within 26 days then change to 40 days and then becomes 30 days, this could be a sign of abnormality.

What are The Causes of Abnormality?

Sometimes having abnormal menstruation is not concerned as extreme danger since it can be caused by illness and stress. However, once those are disappeared, the menstruation then will come back to the normal state. Another cause of having abnormal menstruation might be the hormonal imbalance which affect to the ovulation. However, the factors of this could be various.

Why Abnormal Menstruation Causes Infertility?

The abnormal menstruation indicates whether your ovulation function normally. In fact, if the ovulation time is quite short along with less amount of eggs means it also lowers a chance of your pregnancy.

The Importance of "Ovulation"

Having abnormal menstruation is just one part that can make pregnancy become difficult. Nevertheless, the most important thing is "ovulation." As long as your ovulation is normal, chances of having a baby will increase. In contrast, if it become abnormal (No menstruation and Unstable time of it monthly), this might be a sign of the absence of ovulation which is not good for you.

If you notice that there will be several menstrual disorders, you are recommended to seek a doctor for accurate diagnosis to ensure whether you are getting in the risk of "Fertility Situation".

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