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Signs of Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid dysfunction is one of health problems we must concern. Many people have not notice disorder symptoms caused by this organ dysfunction; perhaps they have lack knowledge about this disease, which is a reason of having a treatment that cannot improve the symptoms effectively.

Observing the body's abnormalities associated with thyroid dysfunction is one thing that we should not overlook because when an organ overworks or has low capacity, hormone in the body may significantly be impacted by these conditions. Patient should be treated by a specialist doctor particularly.

From there, these are signs you can criticize symptoms of thyroid dysfunction

1. Physical conditions

  • Having insomnia and feeling sleepy for most of your times.

  • Feeling hungry frequently or not feeling hungry at all, some people may eat more than usual.

  • Having obesity or rapid weight loss.

  • Having Digestive system dysfunction and diarrhea. Some people may have constipation as well.

  • Feeling exhausted and inactive

  • Hair and dandruff start falling rapidly

  • Having blurred vision

  • Having irregular menstruation

  • Having sore throat, voice changed and swelling of the throat.

2. Mental conditions

  • Feeling very depressed

  • Feeling restless

  • Being thoughtful, confused

  • Having low sexual desire

Although, we can observe the initial symptoms, it is better to receive a diagnosis from a doctor to ensure whether symptom coms from thyroid problems or other diseases, in addition, to prevents you from spread of severe condition caused by other dangerous diseases having a screening for a certain cause is the best solution.

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