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5 ways to boost your immune system

  1. Fully breath through your lung

  2. Start breathing in the fresh air while your stomach is empty. It only takes 5 minutes each day when you are standing or sitting in relax position by sitting up straight look straight, placing 2 hands on the abdomen around the midriff, breath in and make sure the abdomen gradually flat. You have to do it comfortably to feel the air passing through the chest cavity. The more inhaling and exhaling the more oxygen in the lung. If you feel stress, we suggest you try breathing and press one of the fingers on one side of the nostrils then take a long inhale by another nostril. Then switch to the other side, repeat it 10 times.

  3. Balance your food

  4. Having acidic food or alkaline food that contains high acid and base may harm the body: bread, meat, eggs, milk, butter, chocolate sugar including soft drinks like coffee and beer as high acidity in them can make the kidneys work harder, considered as risk for osteoporosis and vascular disease. Eating more green vegetable that provides more base to the body, drinking more water, being aware of processed or foods and having more nuts and fruit to increase more vitamin and mineral for the body and stimulate the immune system. Furthermore, you should select the foods that slowly release energy such as non-scrubbing rice or fruits like grapes or apples in order to stabilize the blood sugar levels, and make you starve often, a reason of overeating disorder.

  5. Exerblood for good blood circulation

  6. Exercise can stimulate the blood circulation and provides cells inside the body more oxygen while the white blood cells can be strong, enough to produce more numbers of it. The exercise must be light taking only 30 minutes continuously to make the heartbeat rate goes up to the number comes from 60-70% of 220 after subtracting it with age’s number. Regarding the number, the body will be able to use accumulated fat from the body, you can observe this after a walk with refreshed feeling from a secretion of endorphins. This practicing can make you addicted to the workout as it does not require intensive energy within a short time, however, after this stage you can make it more intense.

  7. Knowing your proper posture

  8. Everyday communication device such as a computer or phone become another requisite in our life, as we always monitor it 24/7 therefore, proper posture for the body, for instance, sitting straight by laying your back to a back support on a seat or setting a monitor to align with the eye level is required.Because, when the neck is bent, face is frowned or the eyes are narrow during a long time it can give you wrinkle. Thus, resting the body posture for your better health should be considered.

  9. Good Sleep Quality

  10. Apart from, laying down posture, you should not bend the body as it may misshape the bone, moreover, having a good quality of sleep means going to bed at 10.00 pm. because it can help the body produce Growth Hormone better than sleeping after10. This is considered as a reason why the body can restore its system effectively at the same time the skin will also look more invigorate. In addition, adjusting your bedroom is recommended since it has an impact on Melatonin, a hormone that leaked during a good sleep in which only when a room and all lights are turned off. For that reason, the body can relax while the immunity system will also be increased.

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