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Uterine Fibroids Screening by Internal Examination

Uterine Fibroids Screening by Internal Examination

The uterine fibroids considered as usual condition that drives most of women upset as they usually think that the fibroid may develop to cancer; in fact, there is less likey to be it only one person from thousand people is unfortunate. Moreover, patients may not need surgery to remove the uterus when the condition is found in early.

Uterine Fibroids may not be Cancer

When a doctor says that the Uterine Fibroids are found, many of us think of it even further that this could be “Cancer” Actually, the Uterine Fibroids in general are just simple tumor and they are not malignant (cancerous) as most of us understand; however, they are categorized into 3 types as follows by basing on their positions:

  1. The uterine fibroids outside the uterus lining; this type does not cause problems if its size remains small that is because when the fibroids locates outside the uterus it indicates that there is nothing relate or connect to contraction or relaxation of the uterus muscles; however, when the size of it starts to compress other organs; in case if the compression happens by torsion severe cramps may occur.

  2. The uterine fibroids next to the uterine muscle; volume of the fibroids is in the uterine lining which considered as prevalent position ; in addition, the fibroids can lead to infertility and pain from menstruation as well as excessive menstruation depends on size and its location.

  3. The uterine fibroids that prolapse inside the uterine cavity; the majority of the fibroids volume contains inside the cavity; this type of tumor leads to infertility and miscarriage including excessive menstruation with severe cramps.

Warning sign of having the "Uterine fibroids"

Most patients do not have symptoms showing in contrast with those having enlarged size of the fibroids that come with these following warning signs…

  • Changes of menstrual time such as longer period of the menstruation, the menstruation comes frequently or heavyly which may cause Paleness to certain patients.

  • Pain, especially menstrual pain together with local abdominal pain

  • Symptoms caused by compression of the adjacent organs such as the pain compressing on the bladder which causes frequent urination or Dysuria; another problem is the intestine got compressed leads to conspitation and pulling sensation around the bottom area.

  • Lumps found in the pelvic or abdominal cavity; In case when the size of it is considered large and plenty.

  • Constant having miscarriage during pregnacy

  • Infertility

"Uterine fibroids" Screening

Most of the Uterine fibroids are small which is a reason why symptoms are not shown clearly; as a result, they mostly are detected accidentally by a doctor from internal screening; for instances, those receiving cervical cancer inspection that have abnormalities caught by the screening and discretion of personal health record require extra examinations: lower abdominal ultrasound, CT-scan, MRI or Laparoscopy.

Does Uterine fibroids require surgery ?

There are many ways to treat uterine fibroids, a doctor will consider according to the size of the tumor and patient's condition; If size seems to be large and results in several uncommon the surgery may be required to remove the uterus entirely or provide the surgery to remove the tumor only depending on age of the patient and whether the patient still wants to have a child in the future.

Even the chance of uterine fibroids transforming to cancer is quite low, that does not mean it would not affect a life spent on a person; in addition, annual screening of the fibroids could be a way of finding some disorders despite hidden symptoms quickly (enlarged size of the tumor) and treatment can also be provided in time.


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