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Hernia...a disease that men and women should be cautious!

Hernia...a disease that men and women should be cautious!

This disease can occur to anyone both man and woman including people of all ages. Majority of statistic proportion results show that Hernia affects men more than women for that reason most women overlook its symptoms; regarding its signs in women, flexible lumps protruding from the groin or abdominal area will be found, as soon as it being pressed the lump can collapse back inside. Supposedly, this could be a sign of Hernia disease.

What causes “Hernia”

A hernia is a condition happens when internal organs of the abdomen such as the small intestine, large intestine or appendix try moving themselves to outside after located in a weak spot of an abdominal cavity wall, the moving causes a flexible lump that can enlarge itself bigger or even get itself back inside every time it is being pressed.

The key important factors that contribute symptoms most is an older age which causing the abdominal cavity wall weak and creates a gap where the intestine is able to move through. Getting through the gap is a cause of changing into the lumps prolapsing out from the groin or abdominal area this will be seen clearly.

Another factor is activity that may increase more pressure inside the abdomen such as lifting heavy objects as it significantly develops the symptoms of hernia.

Position where Hernia Locates

Location of disease occurrence usually found in the groin area or an abdominal surgical wound after incision; occasionally, patients may get confused between symptoms of hernia and lymphadenopathy; the differences between these two is flexibily of the lump, one with hernia can go back inside after being pressed while one with lymphadenopathy gives feeling that the lump is thicker additionally, it is solid and unable to collapse back inside after pressing.

In case of hernia that spread into the scrotum, mostly a cause is due to longtime overlooking that make conditions more complicated. The symptoms can happen in any location as well for example under the navel, breast or surgical area. The best prevention is seeing a doctor as soon as some abnormalities are found to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Hernia Treatment Solution

At present, the treatment method that commonly used is repairing and strengthening the abdominal wall since the wall is the main cause of disease, according to the weakness of the abdominal wall it creates a gap hole that lets the intestine moves into it, as a result, this condition cannot be treated with an oral medical taking and if it is left for long that may result in intestinal intensive compression that lead to blood flow deficiency that requires an emergency operation .

Therefore, when you know or find having the hernia receiving a surgery since the beginning of symptoms is recommended as the treatment process provided will be more simple than an emergency operation of severe symptom.

Dr. Wisit Kasetsermwiriya
Specialized surgeon
MIS (Minimal invasive surgery) Center Phyathai 2 Hospital

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