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Why having allergy requires a test to control the symptoms ?

Why having allergy requires a test to control the symptoms ?

Allergy is a symptom that occurs when a patient is allergic to a particular substance which could come from foods, medicine, dust mite, fungi or cockroaches; they are contributor of chronic cold, sinusitis, Nasal polyps, rhinitis, asthma they can occur in both children and adults. For some patients found having symptom of food allergies or drug allergies which most symptoms are harmless but only disturb some activities in diary basis.

Causes of "allergy"

Allergy is caused by many reasons, such as genetic trasmitted from father or mother which make children have high chances of receiving a disease however being exposed by allergens continuitously can also contribute the disease ; so a person ends up having the symptoms such as cold, sinustitis which certain patients who have no ideas that they already have the allergy will notice it from these diseases.

What Allergy you are having can be known by these testings

There are current 2 methods for allergy testing: skin allergic testing and allergy blood tests

  1. Skin allergy test - this test method has been used for a long time and it becomes the most prevalent appraoch that is popular since its cost is affordable with fast results providing; procedure starts by dropping a substance on the skin before inserting a needle under the skin after that pateints have to wait for about 20 minuites, those with allergy the skin will start swelling and showing red spots on that areas as a result, what patients are allergic to will be found.

  2. Allergy testing by blood tests - it is a testing method that can help detect allergens which takes longer time to process including the cost is higher than the skin testing; patients have to wait for a result about 1 - 2 weeks approximately.

The importance of allergen detection

In general, when the allergic reactions occur most patients prefer taking the antihistamines to relieve symptoms. This can only solve problems when it already happened without knowing a cause; the way of treatment is to know what sort of substances a person feel irritating such as flower animal or dust so that patients can avoid being exposed by them and this can also control worse symptoms and improve a better improvement of conditions as well.

In some cases, the patient may have allergic reaction to biting insects acutely without knowing their allergy condition this is a catious case therefore as soon as being bite by these insects: bee, wasps or hornets it is necessary to immediately go see a doctor since it may harm a person to death if he has the allergy.

The allergy examination is like a personal life coach telling what you should avoid and learn to improve your better health although after the testing you may not have a risk of allergy or the condition a low chance of being allergic to anything will be given which is useful and benefitual for a life spending.


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