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Major signs of “Hydrocephalus”

Major signs of “Hydrocephalus”

The older the more deteriorating in health such as brain dysfunction in elderly which are those who encounter symptoms inevitably. However, one of health problems called “Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus” maybe now becomes a new thing to most people, therefore, many questions have been asked constantly for example how does this disease occur? how fluid stuck inside the brain? And is there a way to treat a condition?

Short steps of walking signs of “Hydrocephalus”

According to the natural mechanism of the human body there is Cerebrospinal Fluid serves to prevent the brain and spine from external attack also, it helps exchange substances between them. Everyday, this fluid is drained out from the body in the form of urine; when it is excessively produced inside the brain and unable to pass to the outside we can call such a condition as “Hydrocephalus” a condition that causes cerebral compression leads to brain dysfunction; and elderly patients are people who will have to deal with these following conditions regading the disease:

  • Slow walking/ Short steps of walk/ฺ Body imbalance
  • Inability to hold feeling for urination
  • Having short memory and feeling depressed

Symptoms mentioned above may happen together in one time, for example, the patient may walk improperly and have his/her voice sounds very dry; the improper walk indicates clear sign of parkinson’s disease or Alzimer’s CT scan and MRI from specialized doctor then are required for more accuracy of diagnosis.

Hydrocephalus Treatment and Drainage System

Apart from scanning lesion by CT scans and MRI, the doctor will analyze and observe another action such as walking or sitting including thinking ability to ensure if they are indications of Hydrocephalus. However, today, treatment for Hydrocephalus are divided into 2 types as follows:

  • Ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt
  • Lumbar peritoneal (LP) shunt

In order to drain out the fluid inside the brain to the abdominal cavity before urination doctor has to create holes for inserting a medical tube it must be attached to patients all the time so that things can similarly run as natural drainage system. For procedural area the doctor has to decide based on health condition and limitation regarding procedure.

What will happen to untreated Hydrocephalus ?

The Hydrocephalus is a degenerative disease commonly occurs in elderly including infant thus, if we ignore this condition it is more likely to gradually develop to condition called “dementia”. Moreover, what we all should know is Hydrocephalus operative procedure is not as terrifying as stereotyped beside, duration only takes 1-2 hours with low risk compared to other types of brain surgery including time of reaching a disease will be more extended however, as soon as conditions are detected reaching a doctor immediately is recommended.

Since the amount of drained liquid can significantly cause impact on the body such as headache every process pre or post-surgery must be under a specialized doctor ; if you have any question regarding disease’s symptoms or wonder if anyone in your family may suffer from the disease, please consult a doctor for the most accurate diagnosis.


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