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Our heart still normal or not, Can be investigated by this!

Our heart still normal or not, Can be investigated by this!

“Heart” has been known as the most important part of our body even the size just the same as our fist but their function is incredible complicated. That why we need the specialist doctor and the advanced technology to investigate for every abnormal thing that will happen. To make a suitable treatment plan for the best solution and heart diseases are various that why we use different methods of investigation. This is the basic method for heart investigation that lead to other advance investigation.

  1. “EKG or ECG” (Elektrokardiogram / Electrocardiogram)
  2. Is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat. This is a easy basic investigation to told that your heartbeat fucntion abnormal or not? your heart size are bigger than normal? Or you got ischaemic heart disease?

  3. CT Calcium Score test.
  4. This test detect and measure “Calcium-containing plaque” in the heart. The plaque is one of the factor that cause ischaemic heart disease. CT Calcium Score can be done with CT Scan machine at the heart area and calculate in numeral start from “0” the higher number means the higher risk for ischaemic heart disease.

  5. Heart Ultrasound
  6. In medical field call “Echocardiogram”which use high-frequency sound waves to investigate any abnormal heart’s structure such as, cardiac muscle, heart valve, pericardium(a thin sac that surrounds your heart) and the arteries around heart areas.

  7. Exercise Stress Test
  8. Can be call “EST” for the patient that still not have an ovious symptoms but doctor notice some sign of heart problem that related with exercise activities. Doctor will use exercise stress test that let patient walk on treadmill or cycling machine to observe the heart function and sign of symptoms to estimated and plan for the best treatment.

Doctor will start from medical history examination and basic body check up, after that they will choose the 4 method of heart investigation to find the problem and use all the medical information to analyse the exactly problem because heart diseases are various and complicated that can cause to death. Annual medical check up and alway concern about any abnormal thing that happen to your body are the best thing to prevent you from this desease.

Be Caution! and be serious with this sign of symptom.
1.Easily exhausted,
2.gasp for breath
3.sudden chest pain

If you got all of this, please come to see the doctor.

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