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Low-calorie breakfast menu for those who wants a body shaped-up

Low-calorie breakfast menu for those who wants a body shaped-up

It is possible that many people under weight control management may have one question “How to select breakfast that fills their stomach and also able to shape up the body ”

Today, Phyathai 3 hospital weight control and diet therapy center has listed menus of low calorie breakfast containing high quality which certainly please people who want to get in shape.

Good breakfast should high in protein such as meat, eggs and milk because these are able to help you feel full and less hungry for a long time. However, for those especially office workers who prefer having rice or flour, selecting products under unpolished process that contain high fibers is recommended . Apart from that, beverages high in sugar from extra adding or anything else should be avoided ; instead, drinking what benefits to the body such as black coffee, skimmed milk or unsweetened soy milk could be a better option for you.

Menu Recommended

A good breakfast must high in protein, also it maybe added with moderate amount of carbohydrate, fats and sugar; menus that we recommend are as follows:

  1. Grilled menus such as grilled chicken without their skin, lean grilled pork and try to avoid having offal since it contains high fat.
  2. Pork porridge with soft-boiled eggs without offal.
  3. Curry and rice menu should be cooked by boiling, baking or steaming please avoid having any type of fried foods even fried egg; you may switch to boiled egg instead.
  4. Blood tofu soup with rice (Thai Menu) an another popular dish for diet that gives good energy to the body; you may have it with 1 ladle add more green vegetable and pork blood and a dish should has no flavors
  5. Western food, anyone who are western food lover, menu we would like to recommend include whole wheat bread (on top with peanut butter ) followed with one fruit such as half of one banana; or you may try one tuna sandwich or one low-fat yogurt that contains low sugar and protein.

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