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Why VITAMIN is one of the best nutrient for your body?

Gas may help your car move, but in order to keep its engine running well engine oil plays a part; similarly, our body does not it only need food to nourish every day but also supplying or adding of more good nutrients into it such as "vitamin"  that support the body system in whole and helps it work more effectively including decelerating body deterioration.    

Get to Know More About "VITAMIN"

Vitamins are one of nutrients that our body needs  for supporting the various systems such as metabolic systems or enzyme and vitamin function moreover it is  also considered as antioxidants for the body which helps prevent it from early deterioration.  

Types And Groups of "VITAMIN"  

 There are different types of vitamin but what the body really needs are these 13 types ; they are divided into 2 groups as follows: 

  •  Fat-soluble vitamin ( Vitamin A D E and K):  since these cannot be excreted through urination therefore, when the body receive them excessively later these vitamins will be accumulated. 
  •  Water soluble vitamins ( Vitamin C, B1 ,B2 ,B3 ,B5 ,B6 ,B7 ,B9 ,B12) : these can accumulate in the body for a while; and in general, when the body has them excessively these can still be excreted through urination. 

Risk behaviors link to Vitamin Deficiency

  • Drinking alcoholic beverage frequently 
  • Exposing to the sunlight  ineffectively and barely 
  • Taking certain types of medicines that affect vitamin absorption of the body
  • Not effectively having 5 food  groups 
  • Having high stress

 Apart from that these people are also at risk

  • Elderly: With older age, difficulty for chewing food including digestion start causing absorption system in the body bad problems 
  • People who abstain from eating meat: they can be lack of Vitamin B12 which is found in meat and processed animal products like liver, milk and fish
  • People who had gastric or intestinal surgery: the surgery limits vitamin absorption capacity since surgical area is where the stomach and intestines work as good source of vitamin B12 absorption 

How can we check the vitmains that our body is still missing? 

Phyathai Nawamin Preventive Medicine Center (PNA) suggests that there is a program for measuring the levels of vitamins and antioxidants in the body, which will help you know which types of  vitamins  the body still needs  so that a doctor can provide to you effectively.  

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