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Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit

Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit 


The Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit or Mobile CT & Stroke Emergency Ambulance is one of the medical innovations built for saving patients with an acute condition of stroke. It is the first Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment ambulance.Emergency treatment can be served to every patient faster than the emergency service in general. One of success example from using this service is in Germany and the United States of America.

Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit

In order to enhance more efficiency Telemedicine, a video conference system during an emergency treatment will be applied. This method is different from a past which patient must be sent to a hospital quickly to be saved in time which some has be passed or stuck in the middle of heavy traffic before reaching the hospital.

Right after the ambulance reaches patient’s residence or scene where accident occurred, the emergency physician team will promptly capture the brain image by the X-Ray machine along with analyse blood test via mobile laboratory. Then the team will send the brain image through internet along with making video conference with the specialist team of stroke who gain experiences in this field for more than 15 cases and 4 years estimated to consider providing the agent to dissolve the accumulated blood.  โรงพยาบาลพญาไท1

Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit and Telemedicine System

In particular, when a patient has a severe ischemic stroke, a doctor will request for brain image using CTA brain X-ray machine to ensure that diagnosis is actually accurate. Moreover, the most important thing is our hospital will also prepare treatment called Clot Retrieval while sending him or her to the hospital. Meanwhile, medical team in the hospital will be preparing to provide an emergency operation in case it is required.

CTA brain

**Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit Ambulance

Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit consist of the following equipment

  1. CT scan (Computed Tomography Scan)
  2. Mobile laboratory that access to blood test results. The result is needed for stroke treatment.
  3. Drugs and supplies needed to treat stroke especially blood clotting drugs Intravenous injection type
  4. Video Conference (Telemedicine equipment)

How to contact Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit

Please, immediately contact us when certain symptoms could be suspected as one of the stroke signs, dial 1772 press 7 to contact Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit of Phyathai 1 hospital. Service rate has the same price with another type of the hospital’s emergency service in general.

Phyathai 1 Hospital Stroke Center
Building 3, 5th Floor
Tel: +662-201-4600 ext. 2688, 2690

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