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Colitis is a topical disease for the office lady. According to  there is no time to care about eating such as having late dinner,  or intake one menu repeatedly including junk food cause the body malnutrition. And when a stress added that is when further problems are coming. 

What are the symptoms of  " Colitis "

Usually patients often suffer from  a sudden abdominal pain or sometimes a chronic abdominal pain.  Symptoms are gradually increase and the person is not being aware of. In a while there will be bleeding during a defecation, a sudden diarrhea ,causing the intestinal ulcer. The opportunity to be completely cured is become more difficult

"Stress"…… a serious trigger.

For this disease, stress is an important factor which can affect or be said as a catalyst for the symptoms. For example in some cases, when  feeling stressed, a person may have food desire rapidly and not in a specific time. Causing a digestive system and the intestine dysfunction. The colon contracts and does more absorption. Accordingly, if you take non-fiber foods meaning there will be more dysfunction of the body excretion as well.

Change to conquer the disease

Colitis is a chronic disease which may take a long time to heal. Patients need to be patience in a change of their lifestyles. Involving with eating fruits and vegetables with fiber. Accordingly, to relieve an inflammation. Moreover, consume foods which are rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, folate, calcium, iron and zinc to help strengthen the intestinal or colon walls. And adjust the digestive system to be stable.

Health Tips

• Ripe fruit such as papaya, banana ... to relieve inflammation.

• Foods with high iron such as spinach, shrimp, shellfish ... to compensate for anemia.

• Fish such as sardines, salmon ... consist of Vitamin D and B 12 to help absorption.

• Add more vitamin A and beta carotene from pumpkin, boiled carrots ...  to build the intestinal strength.

Do not forget that our body is like a machine, if we don’t provide a good maintenance then it may get worse. Try taking care of yourself slightly to keep being healthy extensively 

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