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Skin Conditions In The Elderly

Factors that Affect The Skin

  1. Intrinsic factor is a process of cell degeneration which will gradually divide itself. The ability to repair itself is also quite low. Free Radicle will slowly be accumulated, waste and mechanism within the body will start destroying cells.

  2. External factors is based on external factor like sunlight, pollution from the sun that comprises of UVA, UVB. It can damage DNA of skin cell along with appearance of free radical which is a reason of cell deterioration.

Skin Problems are Divided into Two Main Problems as Follows:

  1. Problems that affect the skin health such as dermatitis.

  2. Beauty problem

Problems Affect The Skin Health

  1. Xerotic skin; it is a symptom of dry skin according to decreased skin oil, water in the skin is decreased causing it to be extremely dry. The Ceruminous Glands do not excrete the oil properly so you may feel itchy on the skin and it turns to look similar to randuff. Basically, this often impacts on those who naturally have dry skin. Moreover, not receiving a proper care can also lead to Xerotic eczema.

  2. Dry Skin Care

    • Avoid taking a bath often or staying in long hours, not with warm water as well as doing a scrub.

    • Use a skin cleanser product suitable for dry skin.

    • After the bathing, skin cream should immediately be used which is required to be used regularly.

    • Use skin care products suitable for dry skin.

  3. Skin cancer: The skin cells repair themselves abnormally or even divide themselves dysfunctionally found in people whose genes are abnormal including the long-term UV exposure. Skin cells form may have the appearance similar to mole and scars. The location that cancer can easily exist is skin area where sunlight are able to expose, for example, face or head skin.

  4. Stasis dermatitis, found in the ankle area caused by abnormal blood circulation especially in those with varicose veins as well as those with thick skin, dried skin or bad skin.

  5. Chronic ulcer in elderly people especially the elderly who have to stay in bed 24 hour a day. The one posture from the sleep causes compression to the coccyx, in addition apart from that is those with stasis eczema.

  6. Infectious wound: As immunity in the elderly is low compared to younger people. Thus, when they have wound or scar, infection such as shingles,wart, skin fungus may happen. However, if they are not taken care closely and properly scabies can also occur.

  7. Skin diseases such as Bullous pemphigoid

  8. Rashes due to medicines use.

Beauty Problem

  1. Having spot,freckle on the skin on the cheek with brown or darker color. There are different sizes of them.

  2. According collagen/ elastin damage, there is a problem such as skin sagging or wrinkles clearly be seen on the forehead or eye-tail.

  3. Seborrheic keratosis can be seen with dark brown color several could be very thick.Moreover,there are several types of sebaceous gland hyperplasia occur as well as Senile comedone.

  4. Bloody bruise (Senile purpura) seen as a blood clot especially on the skin, they are easily happen right after being hit.

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