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- "Prostate gland” a men genital organ, which has the function of creating water to nourish the sperm around the urethra, next to the bladder.  A number of patients with prostate disease has been raising to people at a young age, including being found often in men whose ages are 50 or more. Therefore, if you have a frequent urination and infection do not overlook  .. because this can be a sign of serious prostate disease.

Prostate enlargement is not prostate cancer 

  For men who are reaching an older age. There is a risk of enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. Although, these two diseases may have some similar initial symptoms, such as frequent urination and wake up in the middle of the night several times. However, that does not mean patients already have a prostate cancer. 

Prostate enlargement. 

The more age we are reaching, the more percentage of prostate enlargement can become greater. Thus, health inspection for men age over 50 can be very essential. Due to the inspection can also assess if there is a chance of developing a prostate cancer during the prostate enlargement.

 Treating prostate enlargement,  is divided into two groups as follows.

  • Urinary tract extended medication.
  • Medication of prostate size reduction.

   In case of a patient who has a worse of condition or it does not seem to get better. Doctors need to apply surgical methods in several ways. Which patients can select a way of treatment.  One of them is Minimally invasive surgery that will not cause a lesion after the operation. The time for recovery only takes few days. However, these are some instances of surgeries in patients.

  • Tissue removal is a global method for a surgery of enlarged prostate. Which requires the endoscopy to remove the tissues.

        Advantages: There is no surgical wound, 3 - 4 days of recovery and be able to receive a biopsy.

        Disadvantages: According to the procedure may cause a blood loss.

  •  Prostate laser surgery, also known as "Green Light" however, this method, the laser is used to burn and remove some tissues that obstruct the urinary tract to disappear.

    Advantages: There is no blood loss, or external wound, 3 - 4 days of recovery.

    Disadvantages: The tissues cannot be sent for biopsy. 

  • Stent insertion a process to expand the urethra in patients who do not prefer a surgery.

        Advantages: no surgery.

        Disadvantage: a tube can be moved out of the position. And stent may cause an infection.

Detect enlarged prostate at Phyathai 2 Hospital

    1. Prostate gland examination, the size of the prostate can tell whether the prostate is enlarged or not. If the prostate skin is rough, patients may have a chance of prostate cancer. Or if there is a prostate injury then prostate inflammation may occur etc.

    2. Detecting PSA, free PSA through the blood test in order to assess an opportunity of having prostate cancer.

    3. Urinalysis, for the inspection of prostate inflammation.

    4. Ultrasound (the abdomen and anus) 

     In conclusion, for men age over 50, if you feel that an urination has slowed down often. Then you should see a doctor for an accurate cure. And receive a prostate inspection annually. Because when the prostate is enlarged we can find a solution for a cure in time. 

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