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Colorectal cancer screening helps increase a chance of survival

Although it seems that everyone are scared of cancer as it is one of the top disease leading to death, most of us still overlook about health and eating habit which may cause colon cancer. Therefore, to stay away from serious illness, receiving a screening early especially the screening for colorectal cancer by colonoscopy is the best solution. It can increase a chance to survive and get treatment in time.

Getting to know the intestine and different parts

  • Small intestine

    Digest food by making it smaller until the body can absorb, such as digesting protein and changes it to amino acids, or digesting fat to glycerol or digesting rice into glucose.

  • Colon  

    absorbs water and minerals back into the bloodstream. Some indigestible part will be moved to the rectum above the anus waiting for excretion.

Are you at RISK?

The cause of colon cancer has been unidentified. However, the statistics show that the disease occurs to this group of people:

  • People who consume red meat and foods that are rich in fat.

  • People who smoke and drink alcohol

  • People with chronic inflammatory bowel disease

  • People age over 50

  • Family has a history of colon cancer

Having these symptoms, you are required to see a doctor

The common symptoms are chronic abdominal pain, chronic bloating, blood or black stool, abnormal weight loss, fatigue, lumps inside the abdomen, constipation and diarrhea. Accordingly, if you are one of those who are at risk and have the following symptoms then, immediately see a doctor to receive a colon cancer screening in time. Moreover, these are methods of the screenings:

  • Blood screening

  • Blood test in the stool.

  • Gastrointestinal endoscopy

  • Diagnostic radiology

How to avoid colon cancer triggers?

  • Avoid high fat foods.

  • Have more fruits and vegetables

  • Exercise to avoid obesity

  • At the age of 50, a person should receive the screening

  • Receive “Occult blood” every year.

  • Receive the colonoscopy every 3-5 years


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