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Erectile dysfunction occurs in male, and it is difficult for female to understand. However, this issue can diminish a confident of your husband, sometimes may cause a family problem as well. Accordingly, today we have some key information about mentioned topic given by DR.WIROJ RUKSAKUL from Urology Clinic, Phyathai3 Hospital

What is Erectile dysfunction?

“The ED/Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which the male genital is unable to erect during an intercourse. A symptom happens individually. Some are able to keep the erection for a long time, conversely some barely make it. However,such symptom is commonly found in the male elders, which also be detected in young people from all ages” said the doctor.

Causes of malfunction

There are two main reasons of male sexual dysfunction. The first factor is physical body and second is mental state:
  • BODYAs mentioned above, this case is often found in the elderly as age causes the body deterioration which is affected by various triggers, for example:
  • Chronic diseases: hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and hyperlipidemia, which all cause blood vessel abnormality. That is a reason why the blood is unable to spread to different parts of the body fully; this includes the genital as well.
  • Decreased testosterone levels::both physical and mental state including socializing can be affected by the decreased testosterone levels. However, men with this issue are always moody, inactive, sluggish, low sexual desire, delayed erection and pessimistic.
  • Neurological Disorders: erectile dysfunction caused by blood flow that plays a role of supplying the blood to genital tissues. In fact, this disorder of sexual arousal causes signal sent by the brain to genital nerve incompletion.
  • Drug use: Some medications causes erectile dysfunction
  • Psychological aspectit is caused by mental disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety, etc.

How the treatment is provided?

Doctors need to ask patients about medical record or profile also provide them some blood tests, for example, blood sugar screening, lipid blood tests, the liver and kidney functional screening, including testosterone levels. When the doctors done with diagnoses for the cause, oral medication will be served together with the use of other medical equipment, such as, Vacuum Pump. However, if this method still cannot heal the patients, then injection must be used along with different methods at the same time.

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