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Symptom of Herniated disc

Chronic spinal pain is a symptom that can occur in general; most of people may affected by several improper behaviors in daily life. The pain can start from appearing constantly but not severe to the severe level. However, the level of the pain includes acute pain or periodical pain which is hard to make a person spend his or her life normally.

Types of spinal pain

  • The pain can automatically disappear within 2 weeks caused by waist muscle strain, spinal ligament inflammatory that results in pain. Most patients feel better after receiving treatment.

  • The spreading of pain to legs: this is another type of spinal/ back pain symptoms which happens to patients about 6 weeks consecutively. It also increases a level affecting the hips and legs; such an effect caused by Herniated disc. Recovery time of this case would be longer than an acute condition. Furthermore, the effect of spinal nerve is a main reason why patients have more severity of the pain.

“The spreading of spinal pain to legs” Symptom that should not be overlooked

The spreading of spinal pain to legs that comminute disturbing patients over 6 weeks should be considered as one of the chronic symptoms caused by the Herniated disc. It is commonly found in people during their working age. Rupture in the disc is the main reason of this chronic pain on the back. However, in case when there is tissue prolapses or compresses on the nerve which locates behind the disc bone, this can cause them the leg pain also spreads it from the back to waist.

The pain would come from inside without specific spot where the pain locates nevertheless symptoms such as numbness in legs and weaken legs usually occur and relate to posture for instance sitting, standing and driving. The pain would disappear after resting.

Apart from that, when the compression gets worse, the pain would consequently impact the patients and happens continuity so that they would not be able to stretch out the legs straight. Thereforet, seeing a doctor is a must as keeping it get worse at night can give you insomnia. After that, the legs would be smaller and gradually develops its size to a smaller one. Moreover, anorexia and rapid weight loss may also happen especially in those having bone cancer and tuberculosis. Besides, certain cases would be having a problem with defecation and urination indicate to a sign of lower spinal cord compression, regarding the compression surgery is needed.

The treatment of Herniated disc

The treatment of herniated disc of first stage-patient does not require surgery as the pain could disappear by just avoidance of certain activities that cause the pain on their backs together with medicine taking (painkiller, inflammatory reliever). However, for those with severe condition, the surgery must be provided when there is no treatment approach seems to be work for the condition. It composed of different types which are tradition open-surgery and minimally invasive surgery that gives patients more convenience such as faster time for recovery and less pain. Therefore, knowing what surgical approach suites for a condition together with a decision for treatment based on specializing or expertise from a doctor are vital.

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