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5 Foods that Improves Your Thyroid Hormone

Every organ in the body has a different important role, the Thyroid gland is also considered as one of them as it produces and control hormone levels that baalcne the body system. For that reason, when something abnormally happens to the gland, hormone in the body will be imbalanced.

Thyroid Disease Causes Hormones Imbalance

Thyroid diseases caused by some disorders occur in the thyroid. The disease is divided into 2 types which are thyroid hormone deficiency known as “Hypothyroidism” and Thyrotoxicosis. Both lead to fatigue, body weight loss, thus, selecting a right food can improve symptoms.

Many people with the thyroid problems symptoms always worry about food they should eat, for that reason, today we have a list of food that significantly helps improve your symptoms

  1. Food high in “Iodine”
  2. The Iodine support hormone producing of the thyroid, as a result, it is considered as a key nutrient in the thyroid system. Food high in it consists of fish, oyster, clam, shrimp, egg,garlic. mushroom and sesame seeds.

  3. Food high in “Zinc”
  4. Element associated with thyroid hormone level is Zinc. Types of thyroid diseases called Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism; Both have a common problem which is a lacking of zinc. Hence, patients should consume food that is rich in Zinc more. Moreover, food amount such as food with meat, lamb meat, oyster, soil bean, walnut, sunflower seed and grains should properly be consumed.

  5. Food hign in “Iron”
  6. When the body lacks of iron, a capacity for thyroid to function itself is decreased. It is necessary to have food that provides enough Iron to the body which are food that has offal as an ingredient such as liver and blood. Moreover, vegetable like carrot, pumpkin, pumpkin seed, beans and spinat.

  7. Food with Antioxidants
  8. Antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C help boost a power of Thyroid which is a reason that it can protect itself from a damage including deterioration. Food high in the Antioxidants include berries, grape, broccoli, asparagus, spinat, grains, green tea, lettuce, cabbage and nuts.

  9. Food contains Vitamin B
  10. Vitamins are essential nutrients for the body especially vitamin B2, B3 and B6 that have high benefits for thyroid function. Furthermore, they active the T4 hormone producing which is one of thyroid hormones produced by the body. Moreover, foods contain high Vitamin B are composed of fish, milk, egg, offal, liver, bean, almond and grains.

In addition, taking care of health apart from foods consciousness is important as well, and although foods are beneficial to the thyroid system, what we should consider more about its condition is to receive screening by a specialized doctor in order that you can know a core of problems and be able to have a proper treatment relates to symptoms directly.

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