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Warning Symptoms of PFO

PFO (patent foramen ovale) is still known by a few people, it is considered as arty septal detect condition happens when the patent foramen ovale between right and left atrium open and are unable to close itself properly. Most patients have it since birth but symptoms are barely shown which is hard to notice.

PFO Warning Signs

Although most patients have no symptoms showing , if clot (coagulated blood) flows from the right atrium to the left before reaching the brain. As a result, it can significantly gives you a sign of PFO disease. The symptoms are listed as follows:

  • Dizziness with body imbalance

  • Lips Palsy and slurred speech

  • Muscular Weakness

  • Blurred vision

  • Paralysis

Migraine is a part of PFO symptoms

Phyathai 2 Hospital Cardiologist , Dr. Amorn Jongsathapongpan said that, most of his patients have frequent stroke symptom but at the same time some also have migraine that occurs periodically as well. Moreover, certain of them also have the condition of opened PFO that may cause you fatigue while exercising.

Are you just feeling tired or having PFO?

According to the New York Heart Association Functional Classification, the severity of fatigue classified into four levels as follows:

  • Level 1: You can still be able to exercise like other people which externally seems normal.

  • Level 2: During exercise, sometime you can feel tired; however, this feeling will not exist if you are not doing exercise.

  • Level 3: During exercise, you feel tired immediately even it is just a light moving, however, this feeling does not happen when you do not exercise.

  • Level 4: You cannot exercise at all because while doing nothing make you already feel exhausted. In addition, this will get worst as soon as you start to exercise.

PFO Screening by Micro Bubble Injection

For those who are tired of exercising and not sure either having the PFO or not. Micro Bubble Injection Screening is a solution. During screening, patients have to flex the body, similar to how the body is forced to defecate. In addition, this helps a doctor check a condition if the bubble can flow through the right atrium to the left atrium or not.

If you notice having chronic headache, muscular weakness or feeling tired easily, please do not overlook the symptoms. Accordingly, we recommend you to receive detailed screening by a specialized doctor with microbubble injection as during different ages, some disorders can happen unexpectedly.



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