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Child’s Delayed Speech Treatment

Parents who have small children that are about to start saying something may concern about their speech development especially when they see other kids in the same age as their child say a word; for that reason, the parents may worry about delayed speech or being unable to speak at all including suspecting for some abnormal development.

Generally, children would begin to say the first meaningful words when they turn one year old; words spoken are short and easy to be pronounced such as “num num” “Papa” “Mama” Moreover, they usually speak 2-3 words at one time by the age of 2; however, children who are considered to have the speech problem (speech/language delayed) are those that are 2 years old completed but still unable to speak just one meaningful word.

What causes your child "Delayed Speech" Condition ?

The delayed speech or language problem is the only problem that children have while another learning skill of them remain normal; conditions are divided as follows:

  1. Gesture is often used

  2. Certain children have their speaking delayed according to one preferred personality which called gesture preferring; the children decide to communicate to people by pointing things around without speaking; they can learn and understand orders and things relates to their ages; at the same time some of them have family with a history of blurred speech or language or speech delayed ; in addition, the children in this group can be developed and improved as other kids in the same age.

  3. Understanding and Speaking Delayed

  4. This group of the children have the ability to understand language like other children in the same age; most of babysitters or caregivers can observe several specific conditions link to the delayed speech signs but they still overlook the importance of language understanding.

  5. Children who use language communication impaired

  6. This group of children cannot use the language in different circumstances appropriately or being unable to apply it improperly.

  7. Intellectual disability
  8. Children with this condition are called “Intellectual disability” ; when they are compared to other kids in the same age their understanding would be impaired especially while adjusting themselves into different situations including an ability to memorize things; these kids usually start to say or speak when it is quite delayed as well as having skills to play or solve problems slower than others.

  9. Autistic

  10. These groups of children have problems with communication and interaction to others; they are slow at speaking, however, in the past they are able to speak but then stop for no reason which later turns all words into some strange language; those words have no meaning; additionally, they are introvert and rarely express or show some interesting expressively and avoid eye contact; some of them love looking at a thing that is spinning around.

  11. Children with hearing impairment

  12. Severity for this case is diverse, some kids are unable to hear at all or might barely hear a word while some may start to speak even one word quite delayed; moreover, they often pay attention on people lips movement while they are having conversation including gesture and most of time prefer communicating with others using body language.

How do we know if a child is having speaking abnormality?

Ways to observe whether your little one is having speaking problem or not base on these 2 characteristics:

  1. Making sure your kid understands language and see how he/she uses it; normally, when the child turns 15 months parents should observe how they pronounce or speak a word with meaning or not such as “Num Num” or “Pa pa”

  2. In terms of language understanding children should start to look at things around and point to something interesting that make them want to play; however, for the 15-month-old that remain saying random words with no meaning and unresponsive to simple questions that parents ask them this should be noticed as an abnormal sign, the child requires consultation from a doctor.

  3. easy ways to stimulate your baby's speech

    • Parents should try to talk to the children more by doing short Q&A questions using simple and short words then appreciate them by complimenting when they cooperate with you well.

    • Do not let the child watch television or play a phone for long.

    • The children should be allowed to do activities such as talking about what they are interested in, doing stories telling and letting them see pictures parents should take care of them closely.

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