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Can “Cannabis” actually be used for treating cancer?

In the past, we often heard about the use of cannabis as cancer treatment. Many people may start to wonder that the canabis’s leaf can actually be used to treat cancer or not. General information for everyone today is given by our specialised doctor…. from Cancer Center, Phyathai 2 Hospital as follows: .

Firstly we all have to understand process of producing drugs to treat cancer and one of processes include chemotherapy in fact part of the drugs are extracted from plant that creates a reaction to living things. Substances in the plant will be processed to check if it has ability to kill cancer cell in each type and how.

If chemicals from that plant can destroy cancer cells this will definitely lead up to animals experiments such as mice to see effects of them on living things. After making sure those can be used in human next step is to test it in human (participants) who are in a group of a cancer patient with condition that recent medical treatment approach seems not to be effective enough, however, all will start regarding permission from the patient.

When tested with the first group of volunteers and it is successful then the experimental will has to go on another group of volunteers to measure the effectiveness of drug including comparing it to current medical drugs used. If the result works and accepted, it can be used as the treatment, side effects should also be safe. As a result the drug will then be registered for the use of treatment for patients. Whole process may take many years of researching, experimencing to reach its succeed.

Researching on marijuana has also need to be done the marijuana or hemp is a type of plant that contains effect to living things and if it is able to treat cancer effectively process of experimenting and researching are required to get final accurate result which accepted and safe for users before ingredients it in treatment process for cancer patients in the future.

However, patients should use marijuana when it is officially registered to be used if the plants are used improperly since a person has lack of right understanding about it, it then can be harmful or risk the person to health problem after.

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