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How Neck Pain Becomes Serious Harm

How Neck Pain  Becomes Serious Harm

Neck pain is a common symptom especially in those who have to sit in front of a computer for long hours; most of them relief the pain by massaging around the area or moving the neck to left and right. If a symptom is so severe then, spread to the arms fingers that may due to the disc compression on nerve and spine which considered as dangerous sign; seeing a doctor immediately is recommend.

Neck Pain Causes

  • Daily routine

  • Sitting or lying the body on something improperly such as playing phones, using computers with no body stretching in long hours is a wrong posture for muscles if it is kept for long that is a reason why he or she has neck pain.

  • There is a compression around the neck area.

  • This cause is often found in the elderly that is because the spine begins to deteriorate and lacks of flexibility according to age. They will have the pain around the neck and shoulders before spreading to the fingers and arms.

  • Spinal Degeneration

  • It is a condition that is often found in elderly the condition affects bones, disc, joint, ligament and muscle the spine therefore lack of flexibility; if the degeneration of the neck is next to the nerve that may be a cause for the pain.

  • Infection

  • The infection is caused by many diseases whether it is tuberculosis, bacteria that comes from the spine, Herniated Disc compression which cause the neck pain, headache and stiff neck.

If you have the following symptoms we recommend you to go see a doctor before they reach more severity

  • When there is a pain around the neck, back, chest, waist or shoulder if feeling of the pain is similar to electrocution and it spreads to arms and fingers; some patient’s hands and arms may feel numbed and weak.

  • Pain disappears and comes back intermittently more than 2 weeks.

  • The pain spreads around the back or waist and lower back before reaching the legs.

  • The pain interfere your everyday life and becomes obstacles in working process such as neck pain while sitting, sleeping or moving the body with different postures.

  • Feeling numbed and twinge around the neck which it is unable to turn around due to tightness.

Neck Pain Treatment

  • Drug Treatment

  • The doctor will provide pain relief regarding severity of the symptoms. And sometimes they may start injecting steroids or anesthetic to a position where it is near the nerve root which found located at the spine including injecting at the neck muscle to lower the pain and make it cure

  • Physical therapy

  • This approach helps widen space between the spine and neck area larger including relieving the compression of nerves flexing the muscle, ligament and muscular contraction; the proper way of therapy can reduce the pain effectively.

  • Operation

  • In some cases, a doctor may have to perform surgery to relieve compression of the nerve root and spinal cord. Mostly, a doctor will use this approach in case of patient having chronic neck pain and Herniated

How to prevent “Neck Pain”

  • Avoid sitting in the same posture for long hours; in case if that is unavoidable, the posture should be appropriate for sitting physically; you should set a computer monitor by making it at eye level so that you do not have to a bow your head to look at it.

  • Before sleeping you should select a pillow with appropriate height ( not too thick and thin) in order to prevent whiplashing and falling set your sleeping position that is in the same level with the head.

  • Avoid carrying heavy objects on the back and shoulders since it can causes spinal deterioration leading to neck pain

  • Always do some neck exercising by turning the neck circularly and slowly.


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