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Photophobia Symptoms Checklist

Photophobia Symptoms Checklist

Photophobia or unbearable eye sensitive reaction to the sun light is including the light from screen, monitor of devices and lamp causing dryness discharge and irritation; a person nearly closes their eyes whenever his or her sight is touched by the lights those whose eyes have light-color are more likely to react severely than those with dark-color eyes since the lighter has low amount of pigments so they cannot powerfully prevent the eyes from those lights.

What cause “Photophobia ”

  • Starring to read a book or looking at a screen’s device for long hours can cause your eyes dryness, asthenopia and photophobia

  • Eye disorders such as inflammation, infection, accidents, corneal ulcers including having injury.

  • The pupil size is larger than its normal size.

  • Use of ophthalmic solution that contains steroids.

  • It is a side effect of antibiotics such as acne cream or birth control pills.

  • Having migraine since patients with a condition often found having the photophobia.

  • Wearing contact lenses that are not suitable for the eyes.

Photophobia Prevention

  • Avoid starring on monitor for too time, rest your eye in every 20 minutes, blink rapidly then rest for 5 minutes because every time you blink the eyelids will roll out tear to the cornea you may drop an artificial tear to increase moisture in the eyes.

  • When you have to stare the screen should sit or work in a place where light does hurt the eyes .

  • Avoid using bulbs that reflect white and yellow color of the light; warm light is recommended.

  • Wearing UV protection sunglasses or the glasses with lenses that are light-adjustable to protect the eyes during an outdoor activity.

  • Those wearing contact lenses should select the one with high value of water absorption and oxygen passing; we recommend wearing it every day by using the one that is available for 1-day use or avoid wearing it awhile then switch to wear glasses instead to reduce the occurrence of dry eye syndrome.

  • Having fruits or vegetables that improve the eyesight.

  • Avoid using cosmetics around the eyes in order not prevent it from irritation.

  • Avoid having eyelash extension

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