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Dental care after tooth filling

Dental care after tooth filling

As when the permanent teeth decay it certainly that new set of them will never grow back again tooth filling thus is a solution used to solve a problem; it closes channels where bacteria enters in to damage the teeth. To conserve the long quality of the filled teeth properly dental care after procedure is needed.

Regarding tooth filling materials dental care practice is divided into 2 categories as follows

Tooth filling with Amalgam

  1. Avoid using the filled teeth for chewing food at least during the first 24 hours.

  2. Do not eat food that is too thick and solid including crispy or sticky because it can damage the filling material.

  3. In case of having food stuck in the teeth instead of using toothpick Dental Floss or Proxa Brush both are recommended to be used for picking the food since the toothpick can hurt the gum and cause gingivitis.

  4. Within 3 months if there is feeling of having hyper-sensitive teeth and its sensitivity increases constantly this is important for you to go see a doctor immediately.

  5. Always receive oral health check given by dentist in every 6 months

Tooth filling with Composite resin

  1. Patients are allowed to chew food using the operated teeth after procedure

  2. Avoid eating crispy food or sticky foods such as bones and ice.

  3. front teeth undergo procedure, to prevent the filling material from color change from food stains patients should clean up the teeth using dental floss daily .

  4. Drinks and foods such as tea, coffee, chocolate and several habits like smoking all can cause rapid change to the tooth filling colors after procedure.


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