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OCT/FFR The new accuracy innovation to treat narrowing, stroke or blockages coronary artery diseases

OCT/FFR The new accuracy innovation to treat narrowing, stroke or blockages coronary artery diseases

From statistics, 432,943 Thai people suffer Heart diseases per year and the cause mostly found is Coronary artery disease (CAD)!! The terrific of this disease is not only acute heart failure like life hangs on yarn but the treatment by Balloon Angioplasty which may deliver side effects to patients too. Nowadays, new techniques have been developed to elevate more safety to patients.

FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve) First evaluation ... to reduce unnecessary Balloon Angioplasty

At present, there are many new medical equipment to help treat like a specialized guide wire to measure blood pressure accurately within a coronary (Fractional Flow Reserve: FFR) which can verify the coronary artery stenosis. To examine the severity by FFR is the most precise at the moment due to Coronary angiogram (CAG) cannot indicate how far the coronary artery stenosis affects heart muscles either Ischemic heart disease (IHD) or Myocardial infarction (Necrosis) which their conditions are treated differently. FFR can distinguish the conditions whether Balloon angioplasty is required to help patients receive appropriate treatment and reduce unnecessary Balloon angioplasty.

If Balloon angioplasty is required, risks can be decreased by …OCT Technique

For current evolution, the new modern technology equipment like OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) can help doctors identify the actual size of the blood vessels and the length of the lesion to select the proper size and length of the stent and the accurate position to place it. For example, not to place at the thin vascular wall or other lesions which may cause some postoperative complications. OCT can differentiate tissue

characteristics whether they are lipid-rich plaque, calcified or fibrous and help choose the suitable treatment for patient benefit. Besides, OCT can help assess the condition of the blood vessel after stent implantation whether there are any tearing or blood clotting and evaluate the achievement of the expansion or component of the stent to the blood vessel. As a result, to examine the coronary arteries by OCT can ensure that the blood vessel will receive the proper treatment and be safe from any occurrence of complications.

Cardiovascular disease once happens, even though it can be treated but to prevent and reduce any risks should be the best choice as it’s easier and saver. To raise awareness regarding the heart diseases and enlighten on self-care either exercising, making a good nutrition by reducing or stopping sweetened, salty or oily foods and quitting smoking should help reduce quite a lot of patients.

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