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Found “Coughing Up Blood” How dangerous this sign can be?

Found “Coughing Up Blood” How dangerous this sign can be?

Coughing up blood is a symptom that people think of serious illness sign while the fact is that it may not define any harm to your health however before knowing its exact result patients have to receive an authentic diagnosis from a doctor. In order to observe some signs, you need to know several symptoms that indicate some disorders in the body.

Coughing up blood Causes

The symptom is similar to “Leaky Plumb” that requires quick checking from a technician and for a condition likewise becomes comparable to doctor screening for respiratory disease; the screening may be performed to certain parts of the respiratory system such as nasal vessels (upper-lower where the bleeding starts) which usually happens to the upper part. The bleeding assumed as side effect of Sinusitis, Allergy as well as nose-picking using fingers and nasal spraying with improper direction; these may cause the nasal bleeding before it flows down the throat and comes out with phlegm beside it may occur when you cough heavily. Therefore, to know a correct cause you must receive proper screening from specialized doctors.

For the coughing with blood caused by abnormalities in lower part of your body; a condition is derived from bleeding that happens in the lung a doctor has to provide patient medical taking and X-ray screening including endoscopy to ensure there is no lump or disorder stuff in your lung tissue.

What kind of coughing could be dangerous?

In general, most people worry about the cough but the fact is that it may not be the coughing blood there is a possibility to be signs of hemoptysis or blood in phlegm both are different as follows:

  • Hemoptysis: it is a symptom of “coughing up fresh blood” the amount of blood is high which means when its level higher than half of your hand; this is the most dangerous sign it is vital to visit a doctor immediately.
  • Blood in sputum is a symptom of having bleeding occurs in the throat it is where the vessels are severely ruptured; however, there is no any complication showing after but if this frequently happen with more volume of the blood an emergency care from a doctor is required for patients to receive the most authentic of diagnosis of its cause as fast as possible.

How Diagnosis provided to patient?

Initially, the doctor will provide history taking and ask what type of medication the patients are taking such as Fibrinolytics since certain drugs may cause bleeding especially to those having Thrombocytopenia. After the history taking and physical examination, Lung X-ray will be followed so that the t doctor can plan for treatment after seeing a result.

“Coughing up fresh blood” can risk patients to what disease ?

Coughing up with blood is a warning sign for many serious diseases such as tuberculosis, lung cancer or respiratory cancer, aneurysm and bronchiectasis including lung diseases for example pneumonia and Lung abscess.

This symptom starts in certain patients acutely as they may have been with some disorders for long it is considerea as harmful condition for that reason, those having chronic cough should go to a hospital in order to receive proper screening by doctor in time. Moreover, there is also a high chance of cure which the patients can recover from condition faster.

In addition, please understand that the coughing is not as dangerous as you imagine the best solution is to go see a doctor immediately for the most authentic diagnosis result. Moreover, the history taking and examinations by a doctor can provide an 80 % accuracy result therefore we suggest that receiving health screening yearly to protect you from diseases can also help create your good quality of life which is necessary!

"Coughing up blood may not be as severe as you think but! please meet a specialized doctor immediately for your most accurate diagnosis result”


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