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Hypothyroidism male menopause condition

Hypothyroidism  male menopause condition

The hypogonadism is a condition that does not happen immediately since its symptoms gradually develop a level of severity while most men maybe not notice this change in their bodies as when the developing symptoms improve they consider it as the change of aging.

The International Society for The Study of Aging Male (ISSAM) defines “Hypogonadism” as dysfunction of Gonadal Function which produces low amount of male hormone causing aging process that affect mental state and physical body; this is similar to symptoms of menopause in female.

How to notice the symptoms of "hypothyroidism"?

In general, a male hormone called testosterone starts to decline by age of 50 but for those who barely concern about their healthy lifestyle spending time doing things that cause them lack of sleep constantly, however, such a lifestyle may give them the condition by the age of 40-45 with the following symptoms as follows:

  1. The neurological and psychological impact such as forgetting things, having a loss of concentration short-memory, being moody and worried

  2. The body starts to have hot flushes, pain in joints, body pain despite not having any heavy work activities including muscle weaken regarding carrying a heavy object, fatigue, being inactive and feeling sleepy after a meal.

  3. Sex Impact: beard start to grow slowly desire declines constantly and finally reaches to lack of interest in sexual activity including decreased erection.

Those suspected of having symptoms are required for medical examinations including diagnosis and additional laboratory tests.

Laboratory tests for more details

The male hormone that we mostly talk about is called Testosterone; in general the anterior pituitary gland stimulates the testicle to produce the male hormone consistently. Its highest level in the morning is around 7-11 AM which begins to decrease from the afternoon until evening therefore, the best way to detect hypothyroidism condition must be during the morning time.

Not only does aging cause every male Hypothyroidism but the condition called obesity is also considered as a contributor. For that reason, it is necessary for men to receive an annual health check-up which includes screening for risk of obesity such as high blood pressure screening dyslipidemia check, urine test, bone mineral density check, chest X-ray or EKG so that patient can modify or change certain risk behaviors regarding the condition.

Treatment for hypothyroidism

In general, doctors will consider the cause of hypothyroidism before providing treatment such as behavior modification including plan for treatment of related diseases; in additon to that, the treatment plan is drawn to bring back pateints normal and good quality of life with healthy sexual condition so the patient can still have their sex activity as usual.

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