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Fibroscan….your liver explorer.

Fibroscan….your liver explorer.

People have been discussing about fatty liver recently, because it is the most crucial factor that eventually leads to Cirrhosis and liver cancer. Then what should we do if we want to know whether we have a fatty liver? Or Cirrhosis? So today, we will introduce you a useful technology for those who care for their livers.

Fibroscan, an exact tool to help you answer all questions about your liver.

First thing first, let us give you some idea about the technology that plays the biggest role in this article. “Fibroscan“(also called “Vibration Controlled Transient Elastograply“) is a machine used to measure fatty change and fibrosis score in your liver. With similar principle as sonar and ultrasound, high frequency wave is passed into the liver and shear wave velocity will be measured in dB/m. The liver with more fat will generate higher shear wave velocity than the liver with less fat. So as to measure liver fibrosis, the wave will go through livers with fibrosis faster than healthy ones, just like how a sound wave goes through solid object better than liquid and air.

Who else are suitable for Fibroscan test?

Liver screening test with Fibroscan is basically helpful for everyone, even for people who seem to be healthy and in shape. A health study from China and Hongkong reveals that 18% of people without obesity or other health problems are likely to have fatty livers, which is considered to be 1/5 of people in shape. While heavyset or obese people have higher chances to have fatty livers (up to 60%). Normally we use body mass index (BMI) calculation to determine obesity. How about you? Are you obese judging from BMI standard?

The liver test results from Fibroscan

Fibroscan test can reveal 2 liver scores, which are fatty change and fibrosis.

  • Fibrosis score: This score can be used to determine the possibility of having cirrhosis and pre-cirrhosis session in people that show no signs and symptoms.
  • Fatty change score: this score tells you that you are having higher risk of heart and coronary diseases than people without fatty liver. Furthermore, researches from many countries indicate that people with higher fatty liver will have higher risk for paralysis in the future.
  • Therefore, the faster fatty liver is detected, the earlier you can start the treatment. There are various ways of treatment that can be done, such as weight losing, exercise and medication in case of necessity.

Are fat lowering supplements advertised via social media really effective?

Despite being claimed that they can effectively lower fat in the liver, none of them has been verified by food and drug administration that they actually work. In fact, in order to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction and paralysis, it requires habit changes, blood pressure and blood sugar level controlling, weight loss and exercise. Especially for the people with higher risk, they are advised to consult with physicians as they may need to receive Vitamin E or diabetes medicines, depending on each individual. In conclusion, additional tests to determine fatty liver is necessary for proper treatment plan.

Advanced, painless and worthiness

In the past, Testinging for fatty liver, fibrosis and cirrhosis , it’s only liver biopsy, which have a low chance of risk but in the present day, we have a many way for liver testing such as, FibroTest from blood, Liver Elastography, Liver MRI and MRE Elastography but all of this still have limitation, for example, the test are not available in every hospital, some test are pain and expensive.

Everybody are realize that fatty liver and cirrhosis are danger but if you need to do a liver biopsy, some pepople may rethink about this.

Fibroscan is considered the best choice that suits your concern because it can test for fatty liver and cirrhosis with out pain, worth for money, no need for complicated preparation and not take a long time for a result.

That why Fibroscan is the best solution for examination, follow up and check up for fatty liver and cirrhosis.

Benefit for everyone

*27 million people (10.5% of all people estimated to be living with hepatitis B) were aware of their infection, while 4.5 million (16.7%) of the people diagnosed were on treatment.

*References : WHO(2019,July 18) Hepatitis B Key facts from

This group of people have a risk of cirrhosis without notice and some of them are not even know that they infected by hepatitis B. Fibroscan can be help them about this and they can get a proper way of treatment.

Same as a group of people that got a fatty liver they have a chance to develop to cirrhosis around 3-10% combined with obesity, diabetes and smoking condition. Fibrocsan can be detected early stage of cirrhosis and if everybody concern about this as an annual check up they will get a proper way for taking care for their health.


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