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Superfood to strengthen Your Knee

For people with osteoarthritis or knee pain from having too much body weight will make the symptoms worse and take longer time to be cured. They should adjust some eating habits. Even though, eating foods is not a direct treatment, receiving proper nutrients could reduce weight problems as well as chance of having inflammation. Moreover, Also proper nutrient can help strengthen the joints and muscles in the body.

Recommended Foods for Osteoarthritis Patients

  • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids especially seafood: fish, salmon or freshwater fish. It helps strengthen the joints and reduce pain and inflammation in those with knee inflammation and joints stiffness.

  • Foods containing antioxidants or beta carotene like vegetables: leaves olf morinda citrifolia, agasta,spinach, collards, broccoli,water minosa and bean sprouts. Moreover, tomato, carrot, red cabbage corn and pumpkin as they are rich in variety of vitamins especially in green vegetables as Vitamin K in it helps maintain bone strength.

  • Foods with high calcium; such as almonds, black sesame seeds, milk, soybeans and soy milk products such as water, tofu. Moreover, small fish is also included as it contains calcium that strengthen the bones. Notwithstanding, you should eat foods consists of high vitamin D like,milk, eggs, sardine fish since it supports calcium absorption for the body.

  • Foods or fruits rich in vitamin C; such as guava, pineapple and papaya as vitamin C will help prevent the body from free radicals.

  • Foods containing bioflavonoids; such as cherry, blueberry, apple, green tea, onion and tomatoes, have anti-inflammatory capability and increases absorption of vitamin C which creates strength of the tissue. Therefore, blood vessels wall and capillary then are firm enough to reduce themselves from swelling.

  • To control the body weight, you should have foods that are hot,steamed, and cooked for instance fried rice or green curry chicken in coconut milk.

Foods That Osteoarthritis Patients Should Avoid

  • Supplements and vitamins: It is highly recommended to consult a doctor as the doctor will diagnose whether the patient is deficient in any type of vitamins then will determine the dose of it due to certain types of vitamin might not be vital for the body also the price is sometime very expensive. Moreover, taking them with high amount may cause bad effect to the body.

  • Salty foods or high sodium foods: Avoid cooking food with salt, soy sauce, fish sauce, seasoning sauce as well as salty foods, fermented foods, and snack. The reason of avoiding them is that they may cause the cells to over absorb water in the body which result in Edema .

  • Dessert or sweeten foods: It may affect the immune response system of the body causing wound or knee inflammation to happen easily.

  • White rice flour; such as, pasta, cereal, white rice grains which may stimulate inflammation of the bone joints.

  • Fried foods or foods that contain high saturated fat as apart from making you weight gain this type of food may increase inflammation inside the body for example fried pork, fried chicken, fried fish patty, fried fish balls fried, cake and icecream.
  • Meat cooked with high temperature for a long time: Apart from destroying good nutrient in meat, the cooking produces AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) that can cause inflammation in the joints.

  • Alcoholic beverages: The drinking may stimulate various symptoms including lowering the affecting of medicine use causing ineffective result as well as other bad side effects.

  • Coffee or Drinks contain caffeine: The caffeine drives calcium out of your body through the urine leads to calcium imbalance. If a person body takes or holds large amount of it, as a result the bone mass can be smaller.

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