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“Precision Cancer Medicine” genetic decoding procedure for cancer patient

“Precision Cancer Medicine” genetic decoding procedure for cancer patient

The cancer is one disease that has gene as an important factor of contributing the cancer but it does not mean that any person who has a family member with it will be transmitted in the future ; since there are many important stimulating factors like behavior and environment including certain habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or being exposed by air pollution, sunlight and chemicals contaminated in food; all is stimuli that cause us cancer.

The statistics of people having cancer has been increasing every year continuously every doctor then never stop developing innovation for the treatment until today we have a new treatment approach called Precision Cancer Medicine, the examination of genetic abnormalities. It provides a deep screening digging for mutated cells that is a cause of cancer which also assist a doctor to find a way of how to select a right medicine and treatment method for the patients.

Precision Cancer Medicine a holistic insight screening

Way of detecting cancer in the past happened when a patient is found having the disease already before receiving a treatment based on symptoms such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery ; this could be a treatment for solving the symptoms not a cause of the disease. The way causes severe effects to the patients since a procedure that affects the normal cells and cancer cells at the same time.

At present, the Precision Cancer Medicine can provide the best treatment solution for the cancer patients during spreading stage, a doctor usually makes a biopsy process by taking out tissue before genetic analysing and selecting medicine for the patient ; as a result, an effect will be reduced in contrast with chemotherapy; in fact, the precision cancer medicine also does not have many limitations or restriction of providing as follows:

  • It is provided to people in every age.

  • People with chronic disease are allowed to receive a treatment as well.

  • People who are previously received cancer treatmens are able to have it.

  • All types of abnormal genes dedicate to breast cancer, prostate cancer or colon cancer .

When a patient receives Precision Cancer Medicine it helps the doctor choose drugs that help create less side effects to the patients which also lower time for their recovery.

Directed Results by Genetic Analysing

Apart from development of technology a success certainly depends on expertise of analytical process from a doctor since it is considered as deep screening that require reading of different values of these following results:

  • Genetic performance

  • Genetic disorders (Gene pairing)

  • Cell dividing capacity

  • Genetic mutation phase

When a doctor starts to ensure that there is an actual mutation of the gene Targeted Therapy suitable for every patient then starts ; analysis for an effective result is a key because it affects capacity of medicine and high chances of success including chances of side effect occurrence ; a patient also has an opportunity to decide which solution is the best for themselves as well regarding doctor’s discretion.

Risk of Inherited Cancer is “preventable”

A disease we all cannot avoid is from inheritance or genes which also a thing that identifies who you are however that does not mean everyone cannot avoid it since genetic factor has only 10-20 percent of contributing a cause of cancer the best way of protection is to receive health examination regularly and personal self-care which are done by...

  • Genetic Therapy for people who have a family member with cancer this screening helps prevent a disease in advance.

  • Modify eating habits avoid eating red meat, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

  • Avoid smoking cigarettes which contains carcinogen including avoid having fried food.

Medical advantage is created to develop and improve for the most treatment result and benefits of patients regarding safety although the precision cancer medicine is usable for patients with spreading stage in the future it has high tendency for treating a patient with initial stage of symptoms.

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An oncologist of Internal Medicine and Chemotherapy
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