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How to wear a surgical mask without causing acne?

How to wear a surgical mask without causing acne?

Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, the use of the mask is very important to everyone. Wearing the mask may cause acne because the air cannot be circulating easily. Cosmetics and droplets may cause the blockage of skin. Today we have many ways to avoid the risk of acne.

  1. Use the skin care products and cosmetics which are non-comedogenic
  2. Use the oil free products
  3. Avoid applying make-up on the lower part of the face to prevent acne clogged
  4. Remove the surgical mask occasionally when not in crowded area to allow some air to flow
  5. Avoid touching the face, if necessary wash your hands with soap and use sanitizer first
  6. If possible, use the new mask everyday
  7. Avoid crowded places and high temperature area
  8. Use the facial cleansing products at least twice a day to ensure that the dirtiness on the face is removed thoroughly especially if there is make up.
  9. People with acne should follow dermatologist’s guidance strictly
  10. Avoid being stress and receive improper news. It can stimulate acne.
  11. If you are not sure whether you have acne or allergic, you should consult with dermatologist. It can be caused by allergic contact dermatitis from mask which showing redness papules or pustules similar to acne. However the treatment is completely different from acne.


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