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Why is “Heath Checkup” so important for Immune Booster Program?

Why is “Heath Checkup” so important for Immune Booster Program?

The program of increasing your immune system or Immune Booster program is the procedure to inject the high concentration of vitamin into your body through the vein. The vitamin will activate the effect of white blood cells’ function, to strengthen the immune system of your body in order to deals with viruses, bacteria, or germs and helps the body to encounter lesser illness.

According to current pandemic and pollution situation we are facing now, this Immune Booster Program can be very supportive at this time.

However, for the most effective result of immune system boosting, the health checkup is recommended to be performed before the treatment. The checkup will assess your health condition and immune system, and also evaluate the proper plan to adjust the vitamin ingredients to achieve the most suitable for you. The details of health checkup are recommended as follows:

  1. Blood test: For the complete blood count evaluation, this test allows the physician to detect the amount of the white blood cell in the body, including evaluates the immune system.

  2. Kidney function test: This test will provide screening for your safety before injecting high concentrated vitamin into the body. If you have kidney disease history or have improper kidney function result, this Immune Booster program should be considered by doctor consultation.

  3. G6PD enzyme: This test helps screening in case if you have G6PD deficiency; a condition which makes the red blood cell catch some risks of breaking apart after receiving high concentrated vitamin.

  4. A1C or Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) test: The blood sugar levels will detect the level of immune system in your body. The diabetes patients who have high blood sugar level and low immune system will be advised to add other essential vitamins to reduce blood sugar level, which will help to boost your immune system.

  5. Chest X-ray: It provides lung screening. Some hidden diseases which affect the immune system such as Tuberculosis, can be found by this test. If the abnormality of the lung is detected, it will help the physician to consider the treatment plan as soon and effective as possible.

  6. Liver function test: for liver inflammation screening, to determine the plan of giving vitamins to boost up the immune system, as this information can be used for other healthcare services.

  7. HS-CRP level test: for overall inflammation screening, this test helps physicians to evaluate and find the most properly treatment/ therapy plan. Moreover, high concentrated Vitamin C injection by Immune Booster program can help lower the inflammation rate effectively.

  8. Cortisol level test: Cortisol is a hormone produced by stress, which can affect the immune system. This test can detect abnormal Cortisol level, allowing physicians to evaluate overall immune system condition more precisely.

  9. Vitamin D level test: Vitamin D is considered playing the main role in strengthening immune system, in which lots of Thai people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, this test can help physicians determine the right amount of vitamin D that will be given.

As each individual has different health condition, so does their immune system. Therefore, the previously mentioned health checkup is considered an essential procedure to help physicians evaluate your health condition including the immune system before determining the right formula and proper amount of vitamins that will be given in order to get the effective result of immune system.

Furthermore, Phyathai 3 Immune Booster program includes all of necessary tests, so the patients can rest assure that their immune system will be better after the first course by feeling more fresh, less exhausted and healthier.

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